Top Eight Best Gifts For Tesla Fans

Since the launch of the amazing Tesla 3, the options for customizable gadgets and personalized features has been expanding rapidly. Whether you are looking to treat yourself, or want to find the perfect gift for the Tesla driver in your family, here are a few of the best presents for Tesla fans:

#8 – Mats off to you!     

The last thing you want to do is shell out for a brand-new Tesla Model 3 and then completely ruin the floor of your pride and joy with dirt, snow, and ice in the cold winter months. We recommend investing in a set of all-weather rubber mats to install on top of the factory mats issued with the vehicle. In particular, the Tough Pro Model 3 mats are a really rugged product, with a honeycomb design to help trap mud, snow, and any other winter sludge. This helps to collect all the unwanted dirt from your boots, while also keeping the original flooring in perfect condition. There are a couple of options for drivers when it comes to this product. You can either purchase a set of three mats to cover the front and back of the car, or a set of six to also cover the rear trunk, front trunk, and extra storage compartment. The set of three can be picked up for $85, while the set of six costs $200.

#7- Hi, Jacks!

As any car fanatic will know, Tesla’s are very different from your everyday vehicle in that they run on electricity instead of fuel. Because of this unique selling point, the Model 3, like the Model S and Model X, features a huge battery pack that resides in the majority of the underside of the car. I case users want to change their own tire or get a look under their vehicles for whatever other reason, you can purchase special Tesla Model 3 Jack Pads that slot into custom lift points on the car. By using the four holes on the bottom of the Model 3, the user can safely lift the vehicle without damaging the battery pack or the body panels. It is always helpful to keep these in your Model 3 at all times in case of emergency. They can be picked up from Amazon for just $106 for a full set of four.

Hi, Jacks!

#6 – Pimp your pedals!

If you have the money to splash out on the top-of-the-range Tesla Model 3 Performance Edition, then you needn’t worry about this first product. The flashiest version of the hit vehicle comes with modern and sleek aluminium pedals for both your brake and accelerator. However, those who opted for either the standard Model 3, or didn’t choose the Performance Upgrade Package, will have been forced to make do with the boring old rubber and plastic pedals. But, worry no more! You can now give your car that much-needed upgrade at the low price of under $20 on Amazon, with these aluminum pedal covers. If you want, you can order these covers straight from Tesla for a whopping $150, or you can opt for the cheaper online options. Whichever you decide on, made sure you put the pedal covers into a sealed plastic bag with boiling water to ensure the rubber is as flexible as possible for installation.

Pimp your pedals!

#5 – Absolutely Fob-ulous

Many Tesla drivers may love the futuristic use of key cards and mobile applications to access their cars, but some of us prefer the good old-fashioned key fob. Luckily, Tesla has listened to feedback and released a new product for the Model 3, a key fob that allows the user to unlock, lock, and drive the vehicle without the use of cards and apps. The demand was clear for these fobs, as the first batch sold like hotcakes, but they are currently still in stock in the Tesla Shop for $150. While the key fobs can carry out basic functions, they do not include a ‘passive mode’ that allows drivers to automatically unlock the car as they approach.

Absolutely Fob-ulous

#4 – Handle with care

Another standout exterior feature of the Tesla Model 3 is the chrome door handles, exuding yet more elegance from the sleek vehicle. However, what if you dislike the slightly out-of-the-ordinary feature, or what if you simply want your personal Model 3 to stand out in the car park? You can now buy color door handle wraps that perfectly fit the Tesla Model 3, allowing you to effectively color your handles in whatever shade you fancy. The majority will probably want to match the handles to the exact color of the body, but others may be feeling more creative. Perhaps you want bright handles the pop against the car, or even red white and blue to get a little patriotic. You can ever lump for the unique black matrix and carbon fiber options if you really want to try something new. These wraps can be picked up for just under $20 on Amazon, which may seem like a lot for four stickers, but they are definitely worth it. The wraps from Nikola Pro come in a variety of colors to match the Model 3 paint jobs. However, bear in mind that the blue stickers don’t quite match the blue paint job, and the wraps are also slightly too small, leaving a cool chrome outline.

Handle with care

#3 – Fast charging

Apart from our cars, which other gadget can we simply not live without? Our mobile phones! Luckily, Tesla has though of this in their Model 3 design, adding in a mobile phone charging dock to the center console of the vehicle. The docking station looks smart but can prove to be a little impractical in use. It works fine if your phone has no case, or a thin enough case to slot into the station, but thicker cases may struggle. Unfortunately, if you have a thick protective case on your device and don’t want to be removing it before every trip, you may find it awkward to use this particular facility. However, all is not lost, as we have found a fantastic 12V USB device charger on Amazon for just $17.99. This may not be as neat and tidy as the Tesla charging station, but it is far more practical. By tapping into the hidden 12V power port in the center console, you can not only charge your device without removing the case, but you also get far more power, a quicker charging time, and you free up more ports in the Tesla docking station for other uses, such as the built-in dash cam.

#2 -Wireless charging

If the above charging option doesn’t do it for you, than maybe a wireless charging station specifically designed to fit and blend into the Tesla Model 3 will float your boat. The Nomad, EVANNEX, and Jeda Model 3 charging pads are all wireless and are designed to fit perfectly into the Tesla Model 3 center console. Not only will they blend nicely into the overall design and feel of the car, but they can also be hidden away by closing the console lid, and most of all, there are no wires! However, remember to check that your device has wireless charging capabilities to avoid disappointment. The Nomad can be picked up for $129.99, the EVANNEX for $89.99, and the GetJeda for $99.99.

Wireless charging

#1 – TesLogo

The final entry on our list is definitely the most visually stunning piece of Tesla-related technology. For every Tesla fan, the TesLogo is an essential wall-mounted smart sign to provide atmospheric lighting to your garage or home. The TesLogo is extremely easy to install, uses energy saving 25 watts of RGB’s with low consumption and high brightness, and uses environmentally friendly materials. The light weight sign also has the ability to sense movement near the TesLogo, meaning it will turn on when you need it and switch off when you don’t. The smart sign has dimensions of 1100x1100x40 mm and comes with a dedicated cable for easy management. A stunning, glowing Tesla logo; the most beautiful way to light your personal spaces, for just $399.