What Is Car Detailing?

Do you also confuse between the car wash and car detailing? Worry, not most people who are not car enthusiasts take the two terms the same. However, there is a profound difference between a casual car wash and car detailing. Car detailing, also referred to as the auto detailing, covers many broad-spectrum aspects and is way better for your vehicle rather than the regular car wash.

What is Car Detailing?

In the layman language, the thorough top to bottom cleaning of the car is referred to as detailing. The car detailers owe more specialized tools, which not only clean your vehicle but also give it a cosmetic touch up. However, car detailing doesn’t include denting and painting work.

How Is It Different From The Car Wash?

A car wash is more focused on cleaning the dirt from the car; if you opt for the internal cleaning, then a conventional car wash provider will probably use a vacuum to do so. However, the auto detailing takes the process further. Through internal and external cleaning is followed by removing the scratches or swirls. This service ensures that your car looks ravishing. An ordinary car wash includes only the fraction of the cleaning done by the auto detailing. Car detailing ensures that your car looks up to the showroom standard.

How Car Detailing is Done?

Car detailing follows a stepwise approach. The whole process broadly divides into two phases interior and exterior detailing. Here we are going to elaborate on crucial steps. However, your technician might follow a different approach, but more or less, every car detailing encompasses the following aspects.

Exterior Cleaning:

It starts from the dust cleaning. Afterward, with the help of specialized brushes, wheels, wheel cups, brake calipers, etc. are ensured to be dust-free. The windowpanes and screens are cleaned thoroughly with the aid of microfibers. Then comes polishing and waxing, to give a shiny luster to your car.

Interior Cleaning:

All the upholstery in the interior section of the car is first thoroughly high-pressure vacuums, and after making them dirt proof, they are shampooed to remove any stain. For vinyl, leather, and plastic seats, separate protocols are observed.

So if you want to give an ultimate new look to your car, then car detailing is the best option to avail.