Loose Hinges Were Making Our Garage Door Noisy – An Easy Fix

My garage door had been getting pretty loud over the past few months whenever it opened or closed. At first, I thought it was just normal door sounds but it kept getting worse. Eventually, it was rattling and banging loudly enough that you could hear it from inside the house.

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The Loose Hinges Were the Cause

When I took a closer look at the door, I noticed that a few of the hinges looked a little loose. The hinges attach each panel to the tracks running along the garage ceiling. If they get worn down over time, they can start to wiggle around more than they should. This was definitely the cause of the loud noise for me.

Checking for Loose Hinges

To check your hinges for looseness, lift up slightly on each panel while someone watches the hinge. If you see any movement other than the panel lifting smoothly, the hinge is loose. You can also listen closely at each hinge – loose ones will often creak or pop noticeably.

Tightening Was Simple

Tightening the loose hinges only took me about 15 minutes total. For each loose hinge, I used an adjustable wrench to turn the nuts a 1/4 turn clockwise. This drew the hinge pieces together more snugly without over-tightening. Be careful not to strip the nuts.

Results Were Immediate

The difference in noise level was amazing. As soon as I finished, I opened and closed the door a few times. It was barely making a sound at all compared to before. All the rattling, banging and creaking was gone. My neighbors must have been thankful too since it woke the whole neighborhood before!

Inexpensive and Easy Fix

Replacing or repairing other garage door components like tracks or panels can cost hundreds or thousands sometimes. But tightening a few loose hinges is about as simple and inexpensive a fix as it gets. And it restored my noisy door to near silent operation. If you hear issues, always check the basic stuff first before assuming more is wrong.

Prevent Further Loosening

To help prevent those hinges from loosening again over time, I put some automotive grade anti-seize compound on the bolt threads and hinge joint surfaces. This will inhibit rust and corrosion from forming, which causes many hinge issues. Basic regular waxing of all garage door surfaces also protects metal components like hinges.

With a few minutes of inspection, an adjustable wrench, and maybe some anti-seize, you too can potentially solve garage door noise problems. If anything seems more significant, have a local Garage Door Repair in Virginia Beach take a look to ensure safety and proper function. But often simple DIY fixes are all that’s needed. Just listen closely to catch issues early!