Leave Your Car New! Know The Automotive Detailing

Besides football, one of the great passions of some people is cars.

That’s why one of our great pleasures is taking care of the vehicle, leaving it always in good condition.

But have you thought about making it even better, as if it just left the store? This is possible even on older vehicles!


It is possible thanks to car detailing services, Learn more about this service now!

Automotive Detailing

What is automotive detailing?

It is a service that goes far beyond a traditional wash. With automotive detailing –– also known as car detailing –– your vehicle gains a complete service from the tires to the interior of the engine so that your car is in perfect condition, as if it had just left the factory.

To achieve this level of care, the service ranges from internal cleaning to polishing and painting. Of course, a lot depends on where you are going to perform the service.

We can divide the detailing into two moments:

External care

At that time, the car does not receive only a shower, but a complete cleaning that should make your vehicle shine. This procedure ranges from washing and drying, to wax and polishing.

Internal care

This is where the service gets complicated –– depending on the situation, internal detailing can take hours until the car is completely clean.

The service starts with vacuuming the entire interior, then brushing with specific products to remove any stains, and then ending with products that leave the car fragrant and away from bad odors.

Why is automotive detailing important?

Let’s admit it: driving a car in perfect condition is much more enjoyable than driving a dirty and poorly maintained car. If that alone were not enough to do an automotive detailing, we will still give you some more reasons why you should do it. Automotive detailing removes contamination that can damage vehicle materials, such as leather and paint.