Cracked or Chipped Windscreen? Learn How to Solve and Replace

A crack or break in the car windscreen is as unpredictable as a puncture in a tire. Find out what to do if you find yourself in this situation.

Glass breakage insurance is a prudent measure and for a reasonable amount (the price varies from insurer to insurer), you are safe from an unexpected budget break. It is that there is no recipe to prevent damage to the windscreen. Like tire punctures, years can go by without any, and suddenly several occur. Insurers typically require an inspection of the vehicle’s glazed surfaces before accepting insurance.

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The causes

Except in the event of an accident, the most common cause for breaking the windscreen involve rocks thrown by the vehicles that drive ahead. It may also happen that the windows (especially the windscreen) crack due to sudden changes in temperature. Whatever the case, it is highly advisable to immediately repair (if possible) or replace the damaged glass with Aero Auto Glass.

Minor breakages, even if they do not directly affect vehicle safety, always have a negative influence on aesthetics (and do not pass the auto inspection) and, if not immediately repaired, tend to sooner or later progress – for example due to the vibrations inherent in the displacement of vehicles – progressing to a complete breakdown of the glass and consequently requiring its replacement.

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Laminated glasses

Damage related to the breakage of laminated glass can be classified as follows: star; bull’s eye; combined; half moon (damage equal to half of a bull’s eye); or cracking.

Repairing laminated glass, compared to traditional replacement with a new one, has several advantages: it is cheaper; the repair can be done at home by specialized companies, with the vehicle downtime being very short; You can keep the original glass assembled and bonded, thus avoiding the possible risks arising from the more complex replacement process, as well as contributing to environmental protection by reducing waste.