What Wheels Interchange With Jeep Grand Cherokee

One can modernize various series of Jeep vehicles. And in the event of improvement and modernization, if you are looking forward to interchanging Tyres Campbellfield wheels between other jeeps’ Grand Cherokee, it’s not strange. It should be a fun chore to do. 

What Wheels Interchange With Jeep Grand Cherokee

But every Jeep comes with specific wheel sizes. If you want to know which wheels interchange with a Jeep Grand Cherokee, you should initially know that all the Wrangler series’ wheels do not come in the same size, so you can’t interchange them always.

But most jeep wheels match with each other in size. The same standards are used for other jeep models. To change the wheels should carefully note the bolt size and pattern of the lug. To know accurately, you should compare the size of the wheel. The congruity of the wheel with other jeep series is the part to notice. In this writing piece, I will share the models of jeeps to interchange the wheels.

Before changing the wheels, the main points are the patterns & sizes, so you have to keep these sizes and designs in mind, and after that, if the measurements match, you can internally. Interchange the wheels. Following are the series of Jeep’s wheels, which can be interchangeable:

  • Wrangler JK-17-18″
  • Grand Cherokee WJ-16-20″
  • Wrangler JL-17-18″
  • Wrangler YJ- 15-16″
  • Jeep Liberty KJ/KK-16-18″
  • Wrangler TJ- 15-16″
  • Grand Cherokee ZJ- 15″
  • Jeep J series and Wagoneer-15.”
  • Cherokee KL-17-18″
  • Jeep gladiator-17-18″

The main plus point to change the wheels with the other one is the size’s correspondence with the other series of Wrangler wheels. The Wrangler series YJ & TJ are consistent in interchanging the Wheels Campbellfield with each other; at the same time, the Wrangler JK & JL are also cross-consistent.