Lamborghini Asterion



Lamborghini Asterion comes with the stylistic features which are the result of superior engineering techniques. the car has a function Lamborghini’s repute with the most advanced hybrid technology. Asterion is succesful to absolutely deal with the city using with its electrical electricity capability. You could experience several particular capabilities along side a effective aspirated engine. It has a four-wheel-drive system with front wheel electrically driven motors. Inside the global of supercars, usage of an electric powered motor is pretty a unique thing. As the electric motors lack in acceleration and heavy obligation performance while this step is a massive step forward inside the era of electrical motors.


The car can reach a top speed 320km/h while it can accelerate from 0 to 100 in just 3.0 seconds. Driving on pure electric power it provides up to 50km. it has a carbo-ceramic brake discs with internally ventilated cross drilled pedals.


The car has a dual engine one an internal combustion engine while other engines use electric power. The electric engine produces about 221kW of power adequate for urban driving while with internal combustion engine one can have an additional engine power of 449kW at 8,250 rpm. The basic engine design is similar to a naturally aspirated V-10 engine with three electric motors.


The vehicle will be available in 2018, while the price for this vehicle will be 200,000 dollars. There are several cars in its competition including LaFerrari, P1 and 918 but Lambo is aiming that it will be most comfortable GT ever available in the market.


According to the manufacturers, the car has a completely new design from all its predecessors. The vehicle stands apart from various other models while has a similar Lamborghini features. Its wheels are quite large and come in 20 inch or 21-inch wheels. It has a double-layered air intake which is a style associated with Lamborghini’s only. It can be noticed that this hybrid has a brand new headlights. The headlights of the car are much similar to the eyes and eyebrows.



It is a pure two-seater car composed of brown carbon fiber trim. Unlike the other models its doors open outwards instead of upwards. The seats are covered with leather and the roof, the windshield is much lighter than ever before. The steering wheel is much similar to Miura yet it has 3 additional buttons to control all the three drive modes.