Android and iPhone adding Amazing Features in the Latest Cars

These days the consumer of iPhone and Android are getting elevated on daily basis. There are a big variety of individuals who are the use of numerous journeying apps to revel in their rides. Now your android phone isn’t always most effective restricted to make calls, you can even make your driving less difficult using your cellphone or tablet having iOS or Android working system. Right here’s how you could make your cellphone a traveling machine.


Android or iPhone without having to grab them while driving

There’s something common in all countries, that we can’t use our phone while driving. Like our dad or a policeman have this same habit to prevent us using the phone when we are driving. Your dad may punish you on ever using your phone while driving on the other hand a police man has fine for us for same purpose.

The two massive names of tech international diagnosed our hassle, the google and apple bring a brand new feature for humans like us who need to hold using their telephone while driving. Now you preserve seeing the facts on their telephones even as driving.


The companies created Android Auto and CarPlay for this ease it provides you very safe access to your phone when you are driving. There are several car makers have created great dashboards having the hybrid navigation systems with both if you so desire.

This is really a unique system that provides a smooth control over your smartphone to see notifications. This system is best the business persons who would be using some of their business apps to see their messages while driving. No doubt the young guys will really enjoy it as this feature help them to be updated with each new message come from their friend.