Unbelievable Features of Cars in 2016

Nowadays the technology has made our using simpler even clever. there are many extraordinary features that automobile businesses are being introduced in this period. right here are a number of the implausible features that we found in some cutting-edge vehicle models.

GPS with automatic analyzes of traffic

The latest GPS system will analyze the traffic on the road and finds the best way around it. We are all agreed the traffic is one of the biggest problems for drivers who are in hurry, this feature helps you to get rid of from this issue. The Acura’s new feature in the new 2016 MDX car works with the built-in GPS system that help you to find the best way to travel having less traffic.

Automatic sunroof blocks light

There’s a new feature in some of the latest cars which is sunroof that lets you see what you want. Now it’s time to get rid of past sunroofs that sucks during driving with lots of sun rays that divert your attention during driving. The latest sunroof blocks the UV rays and gives you a clear view of the sky.


Sensors to help you learn driving

The new drivers who are worried about traffic, there are sensors that help learning driving style and can detect when you’re too tired to drive. For now there are two big companies BMW and Mercedes-Benz introduced this latest feature in the car that take a rest when you start swaying or being irresponsible.

Energy Recycler

Some of the cars come with an alternator that recycles energy, this alternate Is for your car to save gas. Yes, it is really an awesome feature as it stores the energy on each break and convert it into the electricity that energy will be used to power your car’s headlights you can also run your car’s audio system with the stored energy.