Things You Need to Consider Before Purchasing New Truck Tyres?

Vehicles need renovations frequently. Truck tyres can be tricky to buy. Here are some factors that you should consider before purchasing truck tyres:

Things You Need to Consider Before Purchasing New Truck Tyres

Dot Code

It is usually ten to thirteen digits or letters long. It consists of date code, tire size, manufacturer’s identification number and plant code. 


It tells temperature resistance, traction and treadwear. 

Check for the fuel economy. Original equipment tyres with low rolling resistance provide the best fuel economy. 

Tire Code

Check the tyre code before purchasing it. This code has all the inflammation related to tyre’s specs that are:

Tyre Type: 

There are mainly four tyre types that are T (temporary/spare tyres), P (passenger tyres), ST (special trailer designed for larger loads ) and LT(light truck). 

Aspect Ratio: It tells the connection of section width to section height.

Thread Width: It represents the interval between sidewall edges in mm. 

Internal Construction: that can be B (bias-belt), R (Radial) and ‘_'( bias-ply). 

Load Rating: This code will tell about the loaded tyre can bear. Keep in mind that it is for one tyre. You have to multiply it by four to know about the capacity exactly. 

Rim Diameter: It shows the diameter of the wheel on which the tyre is specifically designed to work. 

Speed: It is a letter that works as a speed rating. It warns on what speed tyre may burst out. 


All the tyres produce noise, but you can at least choose less noisy tyres.  


Just like any other vehicle, parts tyres also have a warranty. Some manufacturers provide both tread warranty as well as defect protection. If you do not take proper care of the tyre, then the manufacturer is not responsible for replacing it or giving you any other relevant service in case of hazard.

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