The Struggle is Real: My Garage Door Issues

I have to say, coming home after a long day at work to find my garage door struggling to fully open was not the welcome I wanted. It had been doing this for a couple weeks – no matter what I did, it would get stuck about a foot from being fully up. 

Not ideal when you’ve got your hands full of groceries! After several failed attempts at DIY fixes, I knew it was time to call in the professionals. But before caving and scheduling an appointment with Garage Door Repair in Williamsburg, I wanted to give it one last shot myself.

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The Diagnosis

The first step was figuring out exactly what the issue was. I pulled the emergency release cord to manually lift the door and checked the tracks – no obstructions there. The garage door springs also seemed to be functioning properly. Next, I inspected the rollers. 

A few were looking pretty gunked up and not spinning smoothly. Ah ha, I thought, this must be it! A few old rollers were likely causing excess friction and preventing the door from lifting all the way.

Roller Replacement

Turns out replacing worn out rollers is a pretty simple fix if you have the right tools. I watched a few YouTube videos to see the process before getting started. You’ll need a socket wrench set, pliers, and possibly a screwdriver depending on your door’s construction. 

Be sure the power is disconnected from the garage door opener as well for safety. I started by loosening and removing the fasteners connecting each roller bracket to the door tracks. Then it was just a matter of sliding out the old rollers and sliding in the new ones.

The Moment of Truth

After wrestling with a couple stubborn brackets, I finally had all the new rollers installed. Then came the moment to test if my diagnosis and fix worked – I disengaged the locking mechanism and used the manual pull rope to lift the door. Would it fully open this time? I gave it a good strong pull…and to my delight the door smoothly lifted all the way up with no resistance! Success! The new rollers must have eliminated the excess friction issue. No need to schedule a house call from the local garage door company after all.

Lessons Learned

While I was glad I could resolve the problem myself, this experience highlighted the importance of routine garage door maintenance. Those rollers likely should have been replaced awhile ago as part of preventative upkeep. In the future, I’ll be sure to inspect and lubricate all garage door moving parts like rollers, hinges, and tracks on a regular schedule. A little TLC goes a long way in keeping things running smoothly. 

And if a problem does arise that’s beyond my DIY skills, I now know not to hesitate to contact the pros for Garage Door Repair in Williamsburg. Sometimes it’s best to call in the experts! Overall, I’m just happy my garage door is opening and closing like it should again.

Wrapping It Up

If you find yourself in a similar situation of a garage door that won’t fully open, start with the diagnostic steps I took – check tracks, springs, and rollers. Rollers are a common culprit for sticky doors. Replacing them yourself can save money versus a service call if it’s an easy fix. 

But don’t be afraid to schedule an appointment for a full tune-up or repairs too. Preventative maintenance along with quick response to warning signs will help your garage door provide reliable operation for years to come.