PCM / ECU Remapping – Increase Performance Capacity of Your Vehicle

Are you wondering what ECU remapping is? In fact, the PCM is an acronym for “Power-train Control Module” and regarded as the brain of an engine.

Generally, most people assume that their new car is in its best condition at the time of purchase. But in reality, the engine of a new vehicle is placed on the lowest level as compared to its maximum performance capability. This is done by manufacturers to improve the life of an engine in the worst possible conditions. Today, people are spending a lot of money in order to make their existing vehicles better.

ECU Remapping

Here, the meaning of a remapping of the engine control unit comes into play. It ensures your car’s engine work at its best. In the process of remapping old maps are replaced by a new one by expert professionals. If you want to increase the horsepower of your car, then the Mercedes PCM remapping can improve the performance of your car with more power and torque, smoother handling and better fuel consumption.

Nowadays, modern engines are mainly based on the computer-controlled engine management system. Certainly, you can observe the huge difference in overall performance of your vehicle. The remapping job also helps you get a much smoother car with greater flexibility throughout the rev range of your vehicle. Meanwhile, manufacturers lower the level of a vehicle’s performance by setting a safety limit in order to reduce the risk as possible. This safety limit is not essential in case you keep your car properly and the roads are well built. In effect, the advent of technology performed the performance of a more efficient car. The process of producing more torque and power is economical in fuel consumption is also a major concern. The PCM software can be modified in order to remove DPF from your vehicle without error log codes.