Parking Cooler

Now, many truck driers install the parking air conditioner. The portable truck air conditioner can give drivers a comfortable cabin room. Besides, the parking cooler can run when the engine is off.
It is very popular in heavy vehicles. Let us introduce a heavy vehicle that can install a parking cooler.

Install A Parking Cooler

1. Truck, Semi truck.
The truck usually installs parking cooler, the Split truck air conditioner is made up of indoor and outdoor parts. The indoor side often is installed in the truck cabin. The outdoor side can be installed on the back of the truck.

2. Engineering machinery
The roof-mounted air conditioner is the best choice for engineering machinery. The room of engineering machinery is small, roof mounted air conditioner can save room.

3. RV
RV also can install a parking cooler. There are many types of parking cooler in the market, you can choose a suitable parking cooler.

4. Bus
If you think the bus can’t make enough cool air, you also can install a parking cooler.

5. Ship
The ship also can install a portable air conditioner for more cool air.

6. Other vehicles
Other vehicles that have electricity and the room can install parking cooler, parking cooler is really convenient for people who are afraid of heat.

Parking cooler runs by the battery, so it also can save fuel for drivers. It really brings a lot of benefits, and everyone should consider buying one.