New Stylish BMW 3 Series Hatchback

The new elegant BMW 3 Series Hatchback is greater realistic, spacious and offers a softer journey.


The BMW 3 Series Hatchback is a elegant vehicle which is greater green in design. however, the auto is a preferred 4-door automobile however is an excellent opportunity of Audi A5. The automobile owns the taller, lengthy body with properly-prepared and spacious interior. A few of the sensible advantages are presented through the auto. It gives a splendid engine line up because of this presents efficient performance and economic system. The auto is to be had with complete sporty version and full dynamic using capabilities.



It’s miles a complete journeying property version automobile that’s sporty in nature however with conventional dynamic features. The GT is a 5-door hatchback vehicle, but it does now not mean that 3 series is the downmarket alternative so as to be low in finances. Virtually, the three collection BMW is opposite to the opposite versions of the automobile. it is spacious, secure with an green engine.

Engine and Mileage                                             

The car has diesel powered engine which makes the acceleration of 62mph in 7.9 seconds with the fuel economy 57.6mpg. The engine is reported to be noisy but on fast speed, it improves. You will have smoother driving experience with a petrol engine. The user can choose from four cylinder 320ior 328i or the silky six-cylinder 335i, 328i with an output of 242bhp and efficiency of 44mpg. The engine of 2.0 liter provides best performance and economy.


The car is available with various trim grades which include SE, M Sport. Luxury and Sport. Every trim grade is available with business navigation and connected drive feature. The car specifications are fascinating and feature alloys of 18 inch, cruise control. Rear active spoiler, dual climate control zone and rain sensors as well.


The price of the car is from $50793 to $51995.


The drive performance of BMW 3 Series Hatchback is enhanced with DAB radio parking, Bluetooth; Sports drive control system, different sport+ modes, comfortable interior and exterior embellishment with the front seat and steering wheel. It also includes a unique instrument with clustered red highlights. For the luxurious experience, the car has wood trim and leather upholstery and aerodynamic body with firm suspension.