How to Improve Your Plain Service Van

Do you have a van to use for a plain service? For those who need more space in the van to take the many things required during service, or even give an increase in the space, you can choose from many accessories.

There are some accessories for plain service van that can support small business tradesman become more creative.

There are some types of tradesman roof racks that can help a lot in these hours. However, you need to be aware of a few points before installing yours. 

The UTE tool boxes are very important for workers that need to carry many cargo, equipment, and tools. In these ways, you can benefit from van shelves improving the productivity of your van.

Confusion When Buying Racks 

It may seem simple, but some people get confused when buying. So it is good that you understand what the roof rack is. That’s because there are two other car accessories that complement the rack.

The first one is the stringer, which is placed in the van in a longitudinal position and screwed to the ceiling. This equipment works as a support to fix the rack. The other is the crosspiece, an accessory installed in a transverse position and attached to the side members, which serves to load roof boxes, surfboards, bicycles, etc.

The roof rack, in turn, is attached to the side members or directly to the roof of the car. The difference is that it has a higher load capacity than the beam, except when talking about decorative racks.

What is the ideal roof rack for your van?

Decorative stringer: this model is one of the most used to give a more sporty look to the van, differentiating its powerful from the others. 

Chest rack: It is the universal roof rack, basically composed of a plastic box that has an opening on the side in most models.