6 Tips to Look After High Performance Cylinder Sleeves

Don’t feel relaxed just because you have installed new High Performance Cylinder Sleeves, you still have to do a lot of work to make sure the sleeve doesn’t wear off instantly. Following are a few things you need to mind after installing your new sleeve, take a brief look.

High Performance Cylinder Sleeves

Sleeve Assemblies need you to do much more than just restoring your engine. Yes, to make sure the new High Performance Cylinder Sleeves sits in properly, you have to change the worn out valve seats, bearings, and valve springs which affects your performance, and leaks lubricant oil. You have to consider this during overhaul

You need to be careful about the following factors:

  • When rod eye clamps on piston, you have to carefully tighten it to prevent distortion. If the piston is limited to breathing under thermal changes, it will lead to scoring
  • Lock rings lose while working if over stressed. You have to compress it enough to enter pin hole, and install when the bottom piston opens

You have to wear the ring compressor when installing piston rings to assure they are properly compressed to prevent the ring or land from breaking. Last but not least, you have to assure the expand ends are buttoned stainless steel oil rings.

When you assemble rods to piston, you have to immerse piston in oil for quick lubrication when the engine starts

After installing the new High Performance Cylinder Sleeves, you have to ensure cylinder heads are tightened properly to take care of cylinder wall distortion, and prevent water leakage. You need to use torque ti indicate wretches. Moreover, you have to specify the bolt torque.

Pressure the system before filling hollow crankshafts, galley lines and others. This will give you a good idea about how your engine will fight against any breakage